The most fascinating houses in the world

The architects and some designers do everything in their power to construct a building that will be exclusive plus draw in the individuals interest.

One of the strange houses is definitely Katowice's Spodek (at Polish – a saucer).

A distinctive building seems like a UFO saucer as well as it is a authentic symbol of the city. It has been created in 1970s by individuals who were sick of ordinary-looking houses. The same individuals have also created the block of houses that look like corns.

It is worth to underline that 'Spodek' is actually the house for countless cultural events, including concerts, fairs, and volleyball matches. The building is available for the customers 100% free. Nevertheless, it's worth to visit it during many events to find out more about the big space and the great capacity of the building. Moreover, the area around the unique construction is also an worthwhile place to spend some free time. There are few bars and the green area where the citizens as well as holidaymakers might chill.

Where is actually Katowice?

Everybody who would like to see the unique saucer need to visit Poland, the country located in Europe, 1 of the European Union's members. Katowice is placed in the south area of Poland, in Silesia area which used to be popular from coal mines.

Just how to get there?


It is very easy.

You can go there by plane – there is located Katowice-Airport about twenty minutes from Katowice City Centre or by car - there is a direct highway that goes from Germany as well as the Czech Republic to Katowice.

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