Elementary things you have to know before considering a façade renovation in an antique building

Renewal works of antiquebuildings are complicated and accurate - they involve a detailed analysis of the technical aspect of the object, including its architecture and individual parts.

In the case of antiquestructures, it is particularly important to verify the extent of biological destruction of the object, as well as the level of its dampness and salinity.

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Prepared by: Magiczne zakątki Polski
Oryginal: Magiczne zakątki Polski

Operations connected to renovation of fronts in historic buildings are always anticipated by technical tests to determine the individual scope of works. Precise and permanent restoration of the facade is especially crucial. Both operations consisting in cleaning the facade and filling in cavities are carried out, as well as those connected with full replacement of the facade and implementing new cement to the old one. Works complementary to supplementing architectural elements of antique structures may also be necessary. It is possible to make a facade, impregnate, implement coatings that permit buildings to be donated not only the wanted aspect, but also the preservation of the facade. For these kinds of operations are used only the finest quality components of proven manufacturers. You should not spare on materials, and use solely the best ones, which guarantee optimal persistence and the outcome of renovation works on the facade of antique structures. They also protect structures against the penetration of harmful substances, involving building salts.

Solely experts know how to do this type of work professionally and comprehensively.

They will advise in the selection of appropriate technological solutions and renewal materials for the fronts, carry out required tests, and a skilled team should execute renovation operations.

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