Couch cover – a smart way to modify the aspect of your sitting room!

Relentless life on the run obligates us to take a pragmatic attitude even while arranging the house. Fortunately, it matches the contemporary interior design tendencies.

Fabrics have become a hit, which will rapidly and smartly change the face of IKEA furniture and the character of the room!

Prepared by: Benoit Renaud

Prepared by: chispita_666

klippan sofa cover
Prepared by: ITU Pictures

In the chain of IKEA stores it is possible to buy a sofa without a cover. We all know how difficult it is to find a mattress, bed linen or cover for a Swedish producer's sofa. The equipment requests care to serve in our houses for many years. A perfect solution are the covers that protect the sofa or armchair from stains, and their decorative designs will vitalize the interior and will be a nice enhancement. What to do when we want to quickly make a transformation of our sitting room and the sofa is grim? How to better the aspect of the sofa in the spring when it appears monochromatic for the rest of the year? A Klippan sofa cover provides help that lets you go crazy with shades! In one moment the image of our living room can evolve dramatically. We may set up a little madness into the interior in a more radiant color or a geometric or floral motif.

Thanks to the cover, the sofa will become a new element of equipment, which neighbors will envy us.

The Ektorp sofa cover will be perfect in a condition when the furniture after a long time has already imperfections and signs of destruction. The fabric will refresh the image of the couch and gift it new traits. For enthusiasts of arrangement changes, depending on the seasons, they will permit you to make them often.

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