Self papering. How can we wallpaper without errors? Basics and more and more curious ideas

From time to time probably you thinking how to put the wallpaper on the walls in the office. Although this case appears to you to be a lot more complicated than colouring the walls, for sure, it shouldn't take a way more time and care.
Don't lose the step of getting ready the walls - of this thing depends the firmness of cladding. It is significant to previously pick the wallpaper, and then pick to them a kind of adhesive. The substrate under the paper must be sound, fresh, dry and nice. Therefore, you should begin by cleaning it with rest of old colour or wallpaper. Depending on the room we have to choose the appropriate type. Let's say that we want to do our job in the office. Among the types especially popular are that of the cities. Among the European major is the Eiffel tower wallpaper. Easiest working is the wallpaper interlining. It have two parts - a major fleece, the top of paper and even plastic.
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Binder just lubricates the walls, and wallpaper after unwound from the rest immediately connect to the wall. In the office wallpaper is to motivate to doing - Read about the Eiffel tower wallpaper. After getting ready the ground, we should work to gum wallpaper. We measure the length between the top to the floor and slash to size paper. It is important that the wallpaper was a couple centimeters greater for the ending alignment and sizing. Then we put off the angled piece on a previously ready spot and lubricant. The best use for that paintbrush and remembering to insert the lubricant from the inside to the outside. Special attention can be paid to the corners of the paper. Thanks to that our office wallpaper should look amazing. Wallpapering always start from the edge. We join the wallpaper to stick on the fance and down all the time to reflect the wallpaper was strightly regulated. Sometimes we lose stick and roller inquiry wallpaper to the wall moving from the middle toward the edges of the paper.

Showing attention and precision, the wallpaper should serve and adorn your interior for long months to come. Additionally there is no matter whether it will be Eiffel tower wallpaper or any other - take a look at the company's offer Demural. It's important not to save funds on the high important cases.

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