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Poland is a beautiful country where 4 various seasons are ruling. It is very charming when wildlife is awaking during the spring and leaves are falling down the trees in the autumn. But winter, even with snow, is not very nice.

Mainly for people, who are staying in old apartments, with porous walls. When you're in situation like that, you have good option.

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If you are spending a fortune each winter for heating, invest any cash in wall insulation. Entire money which you waste on this task, will come back to you within couple seasons, it is certain. And first of all, you need to renew windows, when you still own old, wooden ones. At the moment, those created from PCV are common and not so expensive as you could wondering. Beside, it'll save a lot of hot air into the apartment, so without it, some wall insulation have no point - much more you will find at this address. When you don't like to ask for loan for this, you can remove one window every month.

To insulate your flat in nicest way, you have to use fibreglass mesh. That hi-tech material is the best method when you like to stop all of the hot air into your house.

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You're pegging down it to the inside surface and next you need to put different layer of plaster, then paint entire area. With fibreglass mesh, you don't have to be worry, that because of hot air inside the house, some unpleasant mould will appear at the surface of the wall - explore details. Because this innoVATive material aid your walls to breath, because of IT texture. With this option, you will be able to spare even twice more cash on heating costs.

No one want to spend a lot of cash in the winter to warm up the apartment.

Though if your flat has leaky walls, you can waste entire fortune for that. In that case, you have to invest in PCV windows with wall insulation.

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It's much more economical and environmental.

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