Looking for tourist inspiration? Choose Easter Europe!

At the moment, like during any decades from the past, there is a fashion in our country for favorite tourist spots. When someone like to see any big capital, he is flying to London or Madrid. For staying on the sand whole day and do nothing - the nicest will be Greece, one of the prettiest country in entire Old Continent. Beside, few people have much more money, and they are choosing any distance places, such as Thailand for instance. But what with different great districts, not so popular right now but also pretty? Do you ever consider to travel to Moldavia or Estonia?

When you are wondering about any interesting spot to visit during the summer period, the finest option would be the main city of Estonia. Mostly because flights from Warsaw to Tallinn are in very attractive prices at the moment. But what interesting you may localize in this town you are maybe thinking? First of all, astonishing architecture. The old town of Tallin has many of splendorous structures, basically from the early Medieval period. And not just sacral buildings, but also regular mansions - Learn more. Nice example of it will be city hall made in Gothic style in 15th century, and House of Huge Guild, sophisticated example of this style in the Eastern part of Europe. beside, when you are planning to visit Tallin in June or August, don't forget to take a bathing suit! This town is located along the bay, so water in the sea is really warm. Beside, don't forget to taste some traditional, Estonian meal in there, they eat plenty of cabbage and different types of grains. If you are thinking to book flights from Warsaw to Tallinn, the finest will be to do it at the beginning of a year - it will be the cheapest.
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All those Polish citizens, who are thinking with nostalgic about early 90's in our contry, should probably visit capital of Moldavia, mainly when flights to Chisinau are in so reasonable prices.

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This town was entirely destroyed during the World War Second, so there aren't many of monuments. Also, the country is relatively poor, so for Polish tourists it should be the cheapest vacations ever. But what is so curious in there? The ambience. In here, everything looks totally the same like in Poland several years after the Communism. Inhabitants are still using phone booths to communicate with their friend, even when a lot of them have a cell phones. Inhabitants prefer to have a shopping at local markets instead of large malls (go to the website).
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And another interesting aspect about this country is... wine. Plenty of Polish people prefer sweet alcohols, in attractive prices - you will find it in Moldavia, which has really rich full history of wine-making. So when you are thinking to buy flights to Chisinau, you better leave some free space in your valise for few bottles.

If you are looking for some interesting travel destination, the best will be Eastern Europe. It is not so trivial as regular spots, like Rome for example, and also it could be very economical. You are searching for some astonishing monuments and tasty cuisine? Select Tallinn. For past-communism atmosphere and delicious wine, the best should be Moldavia.

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