You're a businessman? Begin to cooperate with Russia

Nowadays, since Poland became part of European Union, plenty of things had change. We are have a chance to labor outside our borders or even to offer our goods without any additional permissions.

But unluckily, Eastern Europe is filled with many of various articles, so it is harder to sell ours. That's why, you need to start in Russia.

The one aspect you have to remember about in there is GOST R certificate. That state is not a member of EU, and probably will never be.

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And on the second hand, it's somehow rich, and it citizens needs many of different products. That is why, plenty of Polish investors are interested in dealing with Russian customers, cause it is not so difficult as you may thing.

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Because GOST R is a paper which you can get really easy. Not every single product must to have it - it's required just for food and medicals. But even when you are producing some machines, you should try to have it, cause Russian customers trust it very much, and they won't pay for a product without it -

gost r

You got two possible ways to have Russian GOST. One is to do it by yourself. You need to ask special commission in this country to start testing your products, of course anything need to be paid from your own wallet. It is long way, so you shoul leave it to the experts. Cause in Poland, you will be able to localize plenty of agencies, which are working in Russian GOST sector. They are aware exactly what to do, so entire process will be much easier. They are not very costly, so you can even save some money on them, because everything should be much quicker, so you gain a lot of days - russian gosts.

If you want to sell many of your goods outside Polish borders, you need to start in Russia.

You just have to remember to have GOST R certificate, it'll help you to distribute each product. To get it, you should arrange dedicate agency, which is skilLED in this topic.

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