Great place for weekend in the summer? Select Germany

Prepared by: Jose Monsalve 2
Plenty of us, at the time of summer, got a lot to do, cause our colleagues from work are on vacations. If we're new in the bureau, it is hard to get whole week off, but we still have to relax for a while. That's why it's good to take some longer weekend off at labor, to recharge batteries and visit some fascinating place. Nicest is to select air planes, because it is easier. Germany has a lot of interesting cities to discover. Here are 2 of them.

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Brussels - great city for fascinating holidays

Prepared by: Barney Moss
Since Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of young citizens decide to travel abroad for job or study. Plenty of people, every single day, are flying back and forward, to United Ireland, Norway and Netherlands. But different popular spot is Belgium. Flights from Warsaw to Brussels are in really reasonable prices, but you have to know how and when to reserve it. And the town itself is really magnificent, if you like to visit any place great, it could be very well call. Fine heritages, tasty cuisine and friendly citizens.

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Looking for tourist inspiration? Choose Easter Europe!

Prepared by: Martin Alvarez Espinar
At the moment, such as during each decades from the past, there is a vogue in our country for favorite travel spots. When someone wish to see some big metropolis, he is flying to London or Madrid. For laying on the beach whole day and do nothing - the greatest would be Greece, one of the prettiest country in entire Europe. Beside, few people have a lot more money, and they are choosing some distance lands, such as Thailand for example. But what about different great areas, not so popular at the moment but also pretty? Have you ever wonder to travel to Moldavia and Estonia?

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Ideas for unbelivable holiday destinations for this summer

Prepared by: Dekoral
Many individuals have been planning their holiday extremely carefully for a while. They already know city they are going to, place where they are going to stay and which attractions they are going to see during their trip. However, some men and ladies didn’t have a chance to do it for different reasons. Frequently they simply didn’t have time. Frequently they were not organized enough. If this is also your case, do not worry. You might still have unforgettable holiday without planning this for months. Especially, if you select one of the suggested destinations.

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